Symptoms Of Blocked Arteries That Often Go Unnoticed

Heart problem and stroke is definitely too common problem today. It usually takes place when the brain is not getting enough oxygen due to blocked carotid artery. The disease of carotid artery happens when plaque or fatty substances build up on the inner walls of the arteries. If there is enough plaque building up, the artery gets stiff and narrowed. This usually restricts the flowing of blood to the nerves of the brain.

When this becomes more serious, blood flow is stopped completely, resulting in cutting off oxygen supply to the brain. This leads to heart stroke.

Choked or blocked arteries are more likely to occur in individuals that suffer with the following conditions:

All these factors can contribute to the development of blocked artery that can occur in various areas of the body. This blockage restricts or prevents proper flowing of blood to various tissue or organs that are connected to it.

Actually there are lots of symptoms of blocked arteries that usually go unnoticed by individuals as they do not consider it significant. They can be any of the following:

A person with blocked carotid artery usually suffers with the following signs that should not be overlooked. With time, the plaque ruptures and causes blood clot formation. This blood clot becomes loose and keeps moving in the arteries where it can easily create a blockage. If this persists for a longer time, the blood flowing to the heart gets restricted and damages the organ permanently.

The symptoms of blocked arteries are easy to be detected once known. In fact they can also be prevented, monitored and reversed with a healthy diet, exercises, and vitamin intake. Ayurveda suggests some home remedies that would help in prevention of blocked carotid artery.

Amla This is a natural source that contains Vitamin C. Biologically known as Emblica myrobalan, amla is a very good constituent for preventing all heart diseases.

Lemon It prevents increase of cholesterol in blood vessels hence prevents heart problems too.

Honey A tablespoon of honey mixed with half lemon juice in a glass of water works great for cleaning the arteries. This mixture can be taken before sleeping at night. Beet juice is also considered to be very helpful for heart ailments.

Garlic Boil two garlic pieces in milk and take it everyday. This prevents any blockage in the arteries and prevents heart ailments.

Parsley This keeps the condition of the heart as healthy and sound. It prevents plaque formation and erases any symptoms of blocked arteries.

Grapes - Fresh grapes are extremely beneficial for any heart disease treatment. They tone up the heart and are an excellent home tonic for heart care.

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